Chairman of Board Statement 


The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) is one of the oldest regulatory bodies in Jordan. It was established as a financially and administratively independent jurisdictional body through theTelecommunications Law No 13 of 1995 and is subsequent amending law No.8 of 2002.  The primary function of the TRC is to regulate the telecommunications and information technology (ICT) service sectors, as well as the postal sector according to the Postal Law No 34 of 2007 in Jordan.

As a regulator the role of the TRC is to establish, implement and monitor the compliance of appropriately licensed companies to regulations designed to enhance the degree of competition present in each of these sectors.

Through the guidance of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the importance of ICT to the overall economy of the country has been recognised and considerable focus given to the development of these markets. In recent years Jordan has seen the liberalisation of the fixed telecommunications market and significant expansion of the mobile communications market. This progress has resulted in considerable benefits to the general public, not only in the availability and affordability of services but also in the degree of choices afforded to the subscriber. The role of the TRC in this expansion, and its ongoing role for the future, has been and will continue to be focussed on creating and maintaining an environment which fosters continued investment, encourages competition and delivers substantial benefits to the end-user as a result of enhanced levels of competition. To achieve this, the TRC has adopted an integrated licensing and regulatory regime which builds on a philosophy of transparency and equivalence of treatment and that regulation should be based on clearly defined rules which apply to all. This philosophy has been captured in the TRC’s Vision and Mission statements and guides the work performed by the TRC.

Transparency and impartiality are essential qualities found in all of the TRC’s activities whether related directly to the licensed operators, or the general public at large. Consequently the TRC continues to look at: how it can become more accessible; how it can increase the general awareness of the public about its role, duties and responsibilities; and how best it can fulfil the obligations placed upon it within the telecommunications and postal laws. This website is just one of the tools that the TRC uses to achieve this aim.

The structure and content of this site have been designed to provide all users with relevant information pertaining to the development of the telecommunications and postal sectors including: the regulatory framework; high level government policy and strategic statements; the role that the TRC is playing in that development (TRC’s strategy); historical and current regulatory activities in the markets; and a means of interacting with the TRC.